Everyone wants to know that who stalks us on our social media ? Especially, a lot of people wants to know that who visits their instagram profile? First we’ll see if there’s any possibility by which you can know and find your secret admirers? And if yes then how to ?

Now there are few applications which claims that they will show you the list of people who visits your instagram account and also the numbers of time they’ve visited you. Those apps are completely fake and the worse thing is all those apps are paid apps which charges you certain amount for disclosing the viewers of your profile and what actually they do is that they make the list of viewers on the basis of maximum engagement. For example, if someone is your close friend who used to like every of your post and doing few comments on it then, that person will top the list of your viewers. Talking practically, it just shares the list of people who are highly engaged on your profile and in the list you won’t find any new name because it’s not showing the actual visitor of your profile. Apart from this, these application doesn’t works without instagram login. So sharing your credential and logging in any third party apps like these can be risky too at times.

The apps just pretend to work and show a list of random Instagram usernames which keep changing every time you open the apps to make users feel that they’re doing something. Secondly, and most importantly, these apps run the risk of being a major privacy threat as they collect all your account data as soon as you log in with your Instagram account.

They claim that the passwords aren’t saved anywhere but on the other hand they also claim that they are gonna show you the visitors of your profile. Something around 2 years back there was an application named QMIRAN which used to disclose the list of people who visits your profile and even in my test with random accounts with that app, I saw that QMIRAN is showing accurate data or because of that reason only that app was suspended and it’s not working anymore but Instagram’s data policy clearly states that it only shares a user’s name, Instagram username and bio, profile photo and email address with third-party apps and also the Instagram’s graph API, which was introduced earlier this year, is much more restrictive than the older Instagram API platform.
These types of apps are available on android as well as on iOS. Apps like ‘Who Viewed My Profile?’ and ‘SocialView for Instagram’ have very poor ratings and there are several good reasons behind them. The first, and probably the most obvious one, is that the apps don’t work. So be aware of using these apps.

Now let’s talk about that, how can we really find our visitors ? The fact is there’s no option on Instagram by which we can see the list of people visited our profile but we can know that who oftenly visits our Instagram profile? Apart from all these in creator and business accounts you can know some insights which includes things like total number of profile visits, impressions and a lot more but the insights are also limited to the total number of any operation. They’ll show you the numeric data but it won’t give the analytics with proper name.

Now once we upload any story on Instagram, just wait for it to come to its 24th hour which meant the last hour of the story visible to people. Now we need to understand the Instagram Algorithm :
The list of story viewers is shown in reverse chronological order until there have been more than 50 viewers. After 50 views, Instagram then pushes those who have interacted the most with the Instagram account at the top. Now here the interacted is not only limited to the people you’ve talked the most or engagements. This is based on the accounts who never misses seeing your story. Now on the other hand it’s also based on people you’re highly engaged and the people who oftenly visits your profile. So in simple words in the 24th hour of your story when almost every of your active followers has seen your story, you can know and get an idea of people who have visited your Instagram profile. Well it’s not 100% based on account visiting but it can give you an overall idea. So this sorting of the Instagram story viewers is pretty useful.

Now the last and a tricky thing which can be done for knowing your stalkers is little complicated but trust me this is the only possible way. What you’ll need to do is to upload any story on your account and then add it to highlights. Once the 24 hour is finished of the story then go to the highlights section and screenshot the list of viewers. Now you must know that viewers of the story highlights are only visible for 48 hours. So in the 47th or 48th hour of the story highlight if you see any difference in the number of viewers, screenshot and compare it with the story viewers. The new person will be your stalker, you can repeat this process for finding your stalker.

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