Social media has become the integral part of our life. Day in and day out we are active on social media browsing through our favourite celebrity lifestyle to sharing valuable information happening around the world. Social media has given us boundless opportunities to grow in every aspect of our life. In today’s society, social media has heavily influenced business growth.
By the help of social media, the startups can allocate their valuable contents and ideas to the audience which they can like, share and comment along with feedback. The social media contribute greatly in the engagement of customers just by focusing and being more accessible to the particular niche of audience. Collaboration as well as interest based ads will boost up customer engagement leading to brand recognition. Strengthen customer services by interacting with the audience on top of it providing prompt responses to the same. Simultaneously, attract your audience with discounts, offers, rewards and giveaways which will yield customer loyalty.
Nonetheless, social media can also have adverse effect on business. Unhappy and dissatisfied customers can affect current audiences which will bring about the fall in the business. Potential customers are always in search of revolutionary products and services thus, being innovative and always coming up with new strategies plays a vital role.

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