Android customisation is the most satisfying work, as whenever you’ll see on your homescreen you’ll definitely enjoy the setup and that’s pretty satisfying. ‘Tech Paradise Seaside Homescreen Setup‘ is loved by a lot of people and it’s being used by many too. If you don’t have much idea about android customisation, then you should watch the tutorial video first. The tutorial video link is given below. Also remember one thing, that it’s not recommended to use custom setup on a low end device as it makes the device slower and laggy, but these days most of the people are using phones with great specs so for them it’s not an issue.

The setup includes complete customisation and hence it includes a lot of different apps. The link for downloading the files are given below.

You can download wallpaper, icon pack, backup file after selecting them manually. The tutorial link is also given, you can watch the video for knowing complete installation process.

Video Link :

Click here to Download Files

Things to download :

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Nova Launcher
  3. KWGT Widget Maker
  4. Nova Backup
  5. Enix Icon Pack
  6. Huk KWGT


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