If you and your snapchat friend are sending snaps to each other regularly for more than three consecutive days. After the third day, a fire emoji (🔥 ) with a number will appear beside your friend’s username indicating how many days you’ve been on a streak for. Similarly there’s a thing called Snapscore which is proportional to the number of snaps you’re sending to people. Snap scores are nothing, just a number on your Snapchat profile, or for some people maybe it’s cool to have big numbers here. So today I’ll tell you an amazing trick by which you can skyrocket your Snapscores without disturbing your friends.

Before we get started you should know that just like followers and likes, Snapscores are also useless just a number to be shown on your account, nothing else.

So what you’ll need to do is to first : click on the search button, and then type any random name or keyword, and then scroll down and go to the subscribe section, there’ll you find a lot of celebrities account, just subscribe to as much people as you can, don’t worry as later you can remove all of them.

Now just go to the snap camera, press on the drop down arrow, and select multi snap option, and then click 10 blank snaps back to back or you can also click any random snaps, by the way it doesn’t matter as celebrities are never going to open these snaps. So once you’re done with this then, you’ll see the name of people you have recently subscribed to. So select all of them and then send the multi snaps to all of them.

Close the app for refreshing the Snapscore, and then your Snapscore will be increased 10 times higher than it increases on a regular snap.

For example if you’ve subscribed 100 of people, so in one time it will increase your Snapscore by 1000. And by this you can increase your snapscore, as much as you want by repeating the process again and again. For second time it will become more easier as you’ll find the names in the recent tab, just click on it once and all the people will be selected. Later after this job, you can unsubscribe these random accounts.

Well apart from this article, I never used any kind of trick for increasing my Snapscores because the actual fun is in having the actual Snapscore your account deserves.

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