So you’re a veteran Instagram user, you browse, you stalk and at times you save some medias on your phone. Few Instagram users & influencers often switch their account between public and private. And here it becomes frustrating saving them onto your phone, so these apps will let you access & download a private account completely with just few clicks for free so you can have all post of your crush on your phone.

Method :

Instagram security is increasing day by day and accessing any private account even on a third party app is next to impossible only, but there are some ways by which you can access a private account using a third party application and can also download posts and videos of that account easily on your device.

Downloading Link :

Insave+ – MIRROR 1

InsMate Free Unlocked Version – MIRROR 1

So before starting the procedure , you should know that this method only works on an android phone so if you’re having an iPhone then you should directly visit the link below in the description for accessing and downloading posts of a private account.

Earlier we use to access private accounts easily with some changes in the URL as well as token id but now if you’ll try any such trick it will simply show you an error of broken link. Also trying this operation on online websites and apps will show you an error that this operation is not available on a private account.

So now, the very first thing is to download Insave+ application from the link given abive and this application is only available on the link provided, so once you’ve downloaded and installed the application. Login it with an instagram account and the process is pretty safe but still if you don’t prefer logging in in a third party app then you can change your password after the operation. After that select the private account whose post you wanna download and then visit their profile on your phone, if you wanna download the latest post uploaded by them then simply copy the profile link and incase if you wanna download a video / reel or post of a private account as you’re already following it then simply copy the link of that post, now come back to the application and paste the link, and click on download and the post will be downloaded on your phone. 

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