So the case is that you’ve accidentally or intentionally deleted your instagram account permanently and now you want that account back. It seems impossible but by following all the methods given below you can restore your deleted Instagram account.

Instagram is an online social networking service where users share photos and videos either publicly or privately. Registration requires a user name, email address, physical address and date of birth. Instagram is among the top ten most downloaded iPhone apps of all time. If you have ever deleted your account by accident, or if you know someone who has deleted their account accidentally then this article will be good for you! In this article we will look at how to restore a permanently deleted instagram account in simple steps with the use of various tools. As I said in the previous section, this process is for people who accidentally deleted their instagram account.

So how does a person accidentally delete his instagram account? Well, there are several ways this can happen. For example: The most common reason why some people delete their Instagram accounts is that they change phone numbers and never follow up with Instagram to update their contact information. There are also other reasons such as you find yourself not using Instagram anymore and just want to delete it. It also happens because of some technical problems. I will explain a second option so if you don’t know the reason, then keep on reading this article to see how to recover a permanently deleted instagram account. So this option might be the most common scenario and that’s why I want to educate myself on the details of how to recover a deleted instagram account with tools without having any sort of technical knowledge.

Fill the below form and also download old version of Instagram app for doing the job :

Instagram form link –

Instagram old version app link –


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