Just imagine earning 1000$ dollars every month without doing anything by just creating a website and trust me this is going to be the best and easiest passive source of income for you all. Also this video is not sponsored, I’ll show you the payout proofs too.

Alright, so as we know first we’ll need to make a website, don’t worry you don’t need to code or something, you can simply go to wordpress and create an account there. WordPress comes with a lot of templates you can simply select one and they’ll do all the coding job done for you.

Since wordpress will give you a domain like yourwebsitename.wordpress.com and such free domains won’t work, so we’ll need to get a domain for your website. Now in simpler words domain is nothing it’s just name of your website for example helloworld.com

So this is going to be a little investment something around Rs.75 which is around 1 dollar for an year. You’ll see multiple domain options, and you can choose any according to your preference. But still your domain name matters a lot so make sure you check the article about choosing perfect domain for your website which can really bring a great impact on your website, so the article link is given below in the description.

Now after purchasing domain, the last investment is buying a hosting platform for your website. Coming to hosting platforms it will cost you around 1900 rs for an year something around 23$, and trust me this investment amount will be your daily earning after a time. You can go with monthly plan too which will cost you around 230 rs something around 3$ for a month, And there’s no limitation for buying host or domain from any specific company you can choose it by your own, but still if you want detailed pricing comparison of domains and hosting you can refer to the article whose link you’ll find in the video’s description, that’ll make you decide easily.

Now once you’re done with these three major steps creating a wordpress account, buying a domain as well as hosting platform for your website.

Now after purchasing host you’ll get nameservers which you’ve to update in your domain provider platform, so just copy the nameservers from your host provider’s dashboard to domain provider’s platform. It takes time around 2-3 hours to connect with the nameservers.

Now if you’ll buy a dedicated wordpress hosting then wordpress will be pre-installed, all you’ll need to do is to login the wordpress account you created, but in other hostings, you’ll find an option to install WordPress from the cPanel dashboard of the host provider.

So now the setup of the website is done. You can now login directly to your wordpress by creating your own login link, now coming to the revenue generation part, we’ll make money from the website by connecting it to Google Adsense, Google Adsense will put ads on your website and you’ll get paid for it. But there are certain t&c which you’ve to follow and implement for getting google adsense’s approval.

Now we’ll talk about the important steps and implementations which you’ll have to do for getting the approval, first you’ll need to have atleast 25 posts on your website so start writing articles related to the niche/ genre of the website, also make sure you’re placing images between the paragraphs and you’re not copying data from any different website or articles because Google’s plagiarism checker is world class and you cannot fool it.

After this you’ll have to make 4 pages, a lot of people skip this part and that’s why they get rejections from google Adsense. You’ll have to make 4 pages on your wordpress site. They are privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact us and about us page. You’ll get format and each n every detail of these websites in the article whose link is also in the description.

Now once you’re done with all these, just start sharing your website on your social handles and let some organic traffic come to your website, also acc to Google Adsense policy the domain needs to be 2 weeks old, so just follow the steps I said and you’re website will get approved for sure .


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Now the last step is to create an adsense account and setting it up, so signing up for google Adsense is as simple as creating a gmail account after that you’ve to install google site kit plugin in your wordpress account and then connect it with the Google Adsense account you’ve created and after that wait for couple of days. You’ll get a mail from google that your site is ready to show ads and after that just try getting some traffic on your website and even with 500-600 daily visits you can reach the threshold we talked about. So that’s all for now. For more details visit the links in the description,.

So that’s all for now, stay tuned for more amazing contents.

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