It’s pretty frustrating, if you lose your Snapchat streaks. Sometimes we miss sending snaps within the time frame or maybe your friend misses sending snap and in this condition your streak of hundreds or thousands of days gets vansished. But today we’ll see that how we can restore your lost snapchat streak ?

So for this you’ll have to visit the Snapchat support forum from this link, then you have to select I lost my snapstreak.


Now a page will be opened, here you’ll have to select the option ‘I lost my snapstreak’  Below that you’ve to select ‘how do I restore my snapstreak’ then you’ll see a form below which you’ll need to fill.

Link –

The first thing is your Snapchat username along with registered email ID, and mobile number. If you’re not sure about your registered email ID and mobile number then you can go to snapchat app and under account section you will find it. Then enter mobile device name and snapchat username of your friend from whom you have lost your snapstreaks. After this you’ve to enter the date from when the snapstreak is gone, along with the Snapstreaks count with your friend. If you’re not sure about snapstreaks then just enter an approx numbers.

In the last option ‘ select no ‘ and submit the form. And within 24 hours you’ll have your streaks back. Please let us know in the comment if your snapstreaks are restored by this tutorial.

Link –

Also snapchat is planning to bring a direct option in snapchat application to restore Snapstreaks but for this the user will need to pay a certain amount which is not disclosed yet. Also please don’t give fake informations in that support form for bringing fake streaks, because after your form. Submission Snapchat team review the details and then only they give back the snapstreaks. Repetitive use of this form or wrong entries can lead to account getting disabled, so please take care of this. That’s all.


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