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Hello everyone, this is Divyansh Arun, founder of Tech Paradise. You can find us as Tech Paradise, a YouTube channel for all the tech and social media lovers, with 450K+ subscribers. The channel was started 3 years back and aims to make everyone aware of all the knowledge about technologies and help them out with their tech queries. We try making concise and convenient videos in both English and Hindi language. We try posting two techie videos a week, hunting the topics of our followers choice. 


For all those gadget geeks , We have the most fascinating tech channel on YouTube. It is solely owned, managed by Divyansh Arun ( One of the most influential people of 2018) Here we make tech related 2-3 videos per week. We try to cater to all your tech related query. Feel free to reach us . We would really be elated to help you , no matter how small or big your query is. The main idea of this channel is to make everyone aware of all the knowledge about technology that they wanna know or they must know. We try to give convoluted information in the easiest way possible. We believe that technology is one of the best way to bring people together.

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Tech Paradise Apps Includes Famous and Useful Apps like Lalala, xDrop, Social Paradise, TP Insta Deleter, Wallpaper Paradise and many more. Lalala & xDrop are the latest launch and they are made in India app which offers short video making/browsing and xDrop is a file transfer application. Also we’re working on more projects for making more handy and useful apps for making your digital life more beautiful. 

TP IG Deleter – App for Deleting IG Accounts in one go


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Paradise Premium

Paradise Premium is a place where you can get a lot of your tech things done. We make Apps, Website, Banners, Logo, Intros, Outros, Ads, 3D Animations and many more for you at very low price. As the name suggests, we make all the things in a premium way. If you’re planning for any startup then, you must use our service and starter packs for getting logos, intros, website, banner everything for your company. If you’re having a dream then we’re well prepared for fulfilling it.

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