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Club Paradise is the club for all the tech paradise lovers and here you’ll see all the downloadables which we mention in our YouTube videos and you’ll also see articles and blogs related to our video topics where things will be explained in more informative and detailed way.

Also you can request and submit here the topics on which you want me to make videos on. Also you will see our contact and social handles 


What else we do ?

Social Paradise

Social Paradise is the most engrossing social media tool, loved by millions.


xDrop is a free to use file transfer application which allows ultra fast file transfer between mobiles

Paradise Premium

Paradise Premium is a place where you’ll see unbelievable things. For knowing better, Just Visit.

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I started Tech Paradise with a dream and we’re working very hard to achieve it, The vision is to make Tech Paradise the most helpful and productive tech company of India. We’re working on a lot of projects and right now our YouTube Channel & Our Services are very much liked by our viewers and users. Keep Supporting 💓

– Divyansh Arun @divyansharun

Goal of Tech Paradise

Right now we’re a family of around 500K subscribers on YouTube. And we want to expand our YouTube Channel more and also we’ll keep bringing different apps and services for making your life more easier and entertaining. Our Aim is to make Tech Paradise the most respected and trustful tech industry of India. Keep Supporting ♥️

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