Earn Money making Meme – Meme chat

Meme chat is first Indian app who paying money by uploading meme.

Just upload your meme and start earning.

Memechat have a moderator team who approved your meme.

PART A:- There are two types of template

  1. Free templates
  2. Paid templates.
  • So first talk about free templates,here you will get a lot of free templates and an inbuilt editor to create your meme.

It’s depend on memechat moderator and their policy , if your meme is funny and #oc then it will approve.

You will get some points for this(full points table in there policy) which help you to come in top position



PAID TEMPLATE:- secondly there is paid templates, these Paid templates come from some new movie or webseries who wanna promote their content through meme

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Happy hour:- Everyday between 10.00pm to 12.00am an event known as happy hour takes place. ln this time every approved meme get money. So if you love meme making and wanna make your own ones just show some creativity there.
Happy hour 2.0:- for every approved meme you Will get .1 mc for each upvote.
COM – clash of memes :- Every month there is a Contest known as “clash of meme” in this contest you will have to submit a little “memechat coin” with your meme and if your mems comes in top 5 you will get 500x money of your submitted one.Don’t worry if your meme is not eligible for contest you will get back your memechat coin.( No hidden rules)
Top10 weekly leader get 50 rs. Just keep your consistency during week and get top position and respect.
Easiest way:- you will get money by just sharing them. It is the easiest way of earning money. Share cheesy meme with your friends and just your wallet with money.
Send/get MC :- if your fellow memechat user like your MEME they can send you some mc as appreciation and you can also send them mc. (Memechat coin)
Apart money you will get respect . All memer and “memechat admin” are very supportive.Any issue just tag them or dm on insta account.

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