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Hey Guys Happy New Year To you and your family Having Holidays? Want earn Some bucks you can. Ever Heard About Dropshipping. Dont Worry i am gonna tell you in deep So lets Get Started…..

#1 Whats Dropshipping

Dropshipping  is what in simple language  you can call it as resselling  but you have to do nothing only to bring customers  you have to get a trusted dealer first and put his product to your customer and Add some profit in it. and in other language  it is called Escrow.

#2 How to Earn (Main Point)

So there is an app called Meesho which is booming in playstore this is very easy to use app you just have to login in take the product what customer want choose Payment  method Online/Cash on Delivery Then put their address Done thats it the product  will be delivered  by your name you will get your profit and the best thing about it is they dont have any withdraw limition so by sharing products on facebook , Instagram , Your ecommerce  Website You can Earn upto 40-50k Per month from home

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Download App – Meesho

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