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How To Build A budget Gaming PC Under 13K

Hey Guys In this article i am gonna tell about budget PC Build Best For Gaming like Pubg PC , Emulator , Lite And many other Games So lets Build

Note –   I have Built This Pc And I am using It 😍😍

So Ingredients We Need To Cook our Budget Build

1: CPU

We are using AMD Athlon 200ge Vega Graphics Which is not only CPU But Also a GPU  it has total 4 cores and Can be overclocked till 4.3 GHz And In techie Language It is Called APU



2: Mother Board

Here Comes Everyone’s Mother Lol… So in this Build We are using Cheap But Up gradable Mobo Asrock A320m – HDV40 Which is very Cheap At this range And suitable For our build.


3: RAM ( Random Access Memory )

So everyone knows why RAM is used Its usually to boost our PC so… In this build we are using Gskill Ripjaws 3000MHz 8GB DDR4 RAM Which is very powerful at best price range.


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4: SSD

As we know Now days no one uses Hard Drives as they are SH*T But if anyone don’t know about SSD it is know as Solid State Drive it is Chip Based Storage as HDD are Disc So they are 8x Slower than SDD And as my test My Windows Boot up in 7Sec and earlier i was using HDD it takes about 30-45 Sec to boot Up. We are Using WD Green SSD 120GBGaming

5: PSU

OK OK I know we should never Cheap Out on PSU but Still we are not using any high electricity Consuming Thing Like – GPU so we are going with Zebronics ZEB 450w.


6: Last And Final Cabinet

Cabinet you can use anycheap or costly its upto you but i suggest not to invest in costly cabinet and buy a cheap one under 1000rs And invest that money in RAM

Total Costing :-


Mother Board







3410/- ₹

3840/- ₹

3000/- ₹

1699/- ₹

550/ – ₹

500 -1000/- ₹ (prefer Offline)

Total – 12459/- ₹ Cabinet Not Counted

Now make A Bootable Pendrive Of Windows And There You Go You have custom build Beast PC You can Game do your work and will Make a benchmarks Post Very soon thanks for reading this post If you found it helpful Please Share it Piece Out………


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