Is Browsing Incognito 100% Safe?

Sometimes we browse something over Internet that might be a tad bit embarrassing. I won’t spell it out for you, but I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about. But still the question arises is that, is incognito browsing is really safe, reliable and is the browsing completely private? So today we’re gonna find out that how secure this incognito browsing is ???



So, in simple words Incognito/private mode helps you browse the web without storing the browsing data on your browser so that it can’t be retrieved later. Or in more simpler words, there’s no browsing history in incognito mode.

Also in the incognito browsing the searches, visited pages, login details and cookies will not be saved on the device after you close your private windows. However, any files you download or bookmarks you create will be kept. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari all offer similar private modes.

What incognito browsing exactly do is that, it deletes all the cache & cookies when we close the window. And it keeps our browsing history empty too and this is all what incognito window do.

So just seeing these, can you really consider that incognito browsing is completely safe and private ? It’s actually not because whatever you browse on incognito window can easily be monitored or tracked by the ISP that is your internet service provider, then the government can easily check your accessed website and location , and also the network admin at your office or university can track it.

So after listening this, do you really think that incognito browsing is completely safe and private ?

Incognito browsing is good for just skipping your history, your search history, your cache and cookies from ur device and from the browser but externally it can be tracked…..
Private browsing modes is good to protect you from people tracking your online activities on the browser you’re using. It’s a great tool when you share your computer or mobile with others or when using a public computer. It can also be used if a trusted friend wants to log into their accounts when on your device.
Your private browsing mode only blocks your own device from recording your traffic. You can still be tracked with your IP address.

So, now for making it completely secure and safe what else you can do ??? So here comes the VPN that is the virtual private network.
VPN hides your IP address and replaces it with the IP address of a remote VPN server, making it impossible to track you via IP address alone. It also encrypts your traffic, protecting your browsing habits from your ISP and other third parties. Also there are a lot of VPN applications available for mobile and computer and the link of different free VPN softwares are given below which includes VPN for android, IOS, windows and for mac.

Using Incognito Mode with turning on VPN is a great combination, this combination will give you a complete safe, secure and private browsing experience. Also you can use tor browser if you wanna hide your identity completely from the internet but tor browser is little slower than other browsers but in terms of private browsing, no one can compete it.

So guys this was all about incognito mode …it’s safe for hiding your browsing data within the device but it’s transparent to the ISP, the government and the network admin.

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Turbo VPN for ios

Turbo VPN for Android

VPN for Windows

VPN for Mac

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