ESports Is A 100% Success In India! AMAZING FUTURE!

ESports Is A 100% Success In India!

ESports was not so well-known before PUBG MOBILE was launched, after PUBG MOBILE the ESports factor got a boost into India market and Indian community. Esports is now a thing which can be done for living and as well as a job.

Profits Gained Through eSports In Indian Market –

The GAMING scene in India got developed and hence every mobile company and companies producing PC components gained lots of customers in India, also mobile companies sponsored many YouTube content creators and tournament organizers. Gaming now has respect equal to the respect normal sports have, gamers should be compared to athletes. Job opportunities for casters and commentators have increased by a great number.

Gamers or YouTube content creators have earned lots of achievements and have got global recognition. MortaL, sc0ut, Zishu, KingAnBru, Maxtern, Gamexpro, K18Gaming, Ankkita C, HydraFlick, 8bit_Thug, etc. are the most famous streamers/content creators on YouTube.

Tournament Organizers In India – 

Nodwin Gaming – Its the main organizer which is well-known all over the world and it is purely Indian. They have got strategic partnership with global esports giants like ESL, DreamHack and Tencent.

Global Esports (GE) – GE is also one of the best tournament organizer and have conquered the games – CSGO, FORTNITE, OVERWATCH, PUBG PC, PUBG MOBILE, DOTA 2, RAINBOW SIX SIEGE, APEX LEGENDS. GE has teams all over the world.

Gaming Monk – Gaming Monk is a free-for-all gaming tournament organizer mostly based on PUBG MOBILE.

Villager Esports – Villager Esports is also a free-for-all tournament organizer and it mainly focuses on Mobile Gaming. They organize T3,T2,T1 scrims for rising gaming teams in India as well as in the world.



Why Esports Will Never Fall Down?

Most of the people play games for fun and for relaxation purpose but there are some hardcore gamers who have achieved the skills which casual players couldn’t and such players are in hundreds of number so the Esports is supported and it would never fall as the Mobile Gaming is rising rapidly, also in India their are Gaming Cyber Cafe(s) in almost every area wherever you go in the city.


A Request To Every Parent Reading This 

Dear parents not every child has the skills to play competitively and not casually because casual gaming is very different from competitive gaming. Competitive Gaming is like a sport which can be done for living after the REVOLUTIONARY GAMING YEAR 2019. Also streaming is a good means of interaction with audience which right now most of the gaming YouTube Creators are up to. So it’s a request to the parents that please don’t let your child’s skills in gaming let down it is as good as physical sport!

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