Why Streaming PUBG MOBILE is not the WISEST Option? 100% Success Gaming Channel!

Why Streaming PUBG MOBILE is not the WISEST Option?


PUBG MOBILE is a game which is played more competitively and less casually because this not just a game but an emotion at the moment, there are Millions of people who play this game seriously and thousands of those have made their careers by playing this game.


Many content creators hit the success by just streaming and showcasing their skills, but by now there are millions of people who stream but they don’t get as much views as others do because it’s irrelevant now. Every third PUBG MOBILE player is a content creator.

To get success in the gaming genre especially the PUBG MOBILE genre follow the steps-

Start making tips and tricks videos or montages.

Play tournaments get your team/your clan famous so that you get recognition.

Start with Instagram Uploads and increase your fan base then convert your audience and forward them to your YouTube.

Increase fan base then you’ll automatically receive requests by people telling you to stream.


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Try and make more and more content and try to approach already grown YouTubers ask for collaborations. Once you reach the goal of 5k subscribers then you can gradually start streaming but you don’t have to stop the montages and tips and tricks videos.

Engage with the audience and try doing something unique with your stream to make your audience hooked up to your stream. YouTube platform has many streams, do something which makes your channel different.


Once you get audience then start doing giveaways, then you’ll get sponsorships and then your YouTube career is stable!

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