How to Digitally Sign Any Document for Free in Just 1 Minute ?

Create electronic signature online securely and quickly

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Now days, the generation is of e-documents, either it is about your college documents or office stuffs. The current generation has replaced the older paper works completely. So, a lot of times we need to digitally sign any documents either by e-signature or by using signature scanned image.

So, today I’m gonna tell you about an amazing tool which is free to use for personal use and it can be accessed easily from any browser and you can sign any document using it. 

1.) Visit SignX

So there’s a website named SignX and it’s by Wondershare and you access this website easily by going onto 

2.) Sign Up & Log In

Once the website is opened you can sign up there and it’s completely free to use for the first time and once you’re done with signing up and logging in. Just scroll down and you’ll see a button showing try SignX, just press that.

3.) Upload the document you want to sign

Then it will show you the welcome page and then a page will open and you’ll need to click on start signing document and then you’ll need to upload your document which you wanna digitally sign and mostly the signing documents are in the format of pdf and it supports all of the common documents format. Once you’re done with the uploading document, It will take confirmation from you about the document and you need to press the next button for proceeding further.

4.) Enter details of the Signer

After this it will ask details about the signer and if the document is gonna be signed by a single person and if that single person is gonna be you, then check on that “I need to sign the document” .

5.) Add the contents

After that just drag the contents you wanna add in your document and size them according to you. You can add signature , titles, dates and more customised things. So after adding the contents on their position click on next and then click to agree with the T&C.

6.) Draw/Make/Upload Your Signature

Just tap on each & every module and add the signature according to you. You can sign it by digitally adding your name or you can upload the image of your signature in JPG and PNG format and also you can virtually draw your own signature. Also you can change the colour of the signature and also tap on the dates and edit it according to you.

7.) Submit Signature and Download the Signed Document

Once you’re done with all the things, click on the submit signature button which you’ll see in bottom and then you’ll see a download button in the upper right corner and then it will process the document and your signed document will be downloaded automatically and here you can see the document is professionally and digitally signed.

It’s Done 💖

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