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Social network advertising (Facebook Ads), also social media targeting, is a group of terms that are used to describe forms of online advertising that focus on social networking services. One of the major benefits of this type of advertising is that advertisers can take advantage of the users’ demographic information and target their ads appropriately.

Social media targeting combines current targeting options (such as geotargeting, behavioral targeting, socio-psychographic targeting, etc.), to make detailed target groupidentification possible. With social media targeting, advertisements are distributed to users based on information gathered from target group profiles.

Social network advertising is not necessarily the same as social media targeting. Social media targeting is a method of optimizing social media advertising by using profile data to deliver advertisements directly to individual users. Social network advertising refers to the process of matching social network users to target groups that have been specified by the advertiser.


Facebook, the most popular social network, has developed a targeting technology which allows advertisements to reach a specific audience. This is within the Facebook product called Facebook Ads, which is available to users and businesses alike. While posting an ad through the Facebook Ad Manager, an advertiser is provided a set of characteristics that will define his target market. Facebook calls this audience targeting. These traits include geographical location, gender, age, work, relationship status, and interests such as music, among others. Facebook claims that advertisers can even customize their target audience based on their behavior such as purchasing patterns, device usage, and other activities. This is why Facebook users see advertisements on their profile page that are relevant to their preferences and interests. This allows the ads to be less intrusive and more successful in delivering the appropriate content to the right audience. The advertisement algorithm is also capable of monitoring performance so that advertisers or Facebook marketers are able to modify their audience as well as the nature, budget, and duration of the ads based on its performance

Facebook ADS Strategy. Here these 6 Facebook ads strategy can take Facebook ADS to the next level. All professionals are growing by using these strategies. This is the simple strategy.

Top 6 Facebook ADS Strategy

  1. Re-Targeting
  2. Video Content
  3. Use this Pixel
  4. Geo-Targeting
  5. Looking Audience
  6. TestingFacebook ADS Strategy


Facebook lets you target based on two categories:

  1. People that are on a list that you uploaded, such as a newsletter you are building.
  2. People who have recently interacted with your business in some way, such as taking an action in your website

Not everyone understands the power of this feature. With the pixel, which we’ll study more in depth in the next weeks, one can track consumer behavior so much better. By Re-targeting users, one is sure that he is aiming at people that ALREADY interacted with your website, which means they showed interest in it. Isn’t it great?


Yes, video content is still extremely powerful:

51% of professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best Return on Investment. It opens up more room for storytelling, if done
correctly. Include subtitles and remove audio whenever possible

Yes. Video Content can REALLY make a difference for your ads. I have been emphasizing its importance for the last weeks now, there’s enough evidence in here! Still not convinced? Just TEST it! Testing is 90% of Facebook Ads’ Success, keep that in mind


If you are not using this, you are missing out!

The Pixel is a snippet of code provided by Facebook, that you need to copy and paste in the URL. It is used to track conversions and attribute them back to your ad. This gives you a huge advantage and very useful data to study.

It’s the magic of Facebook Ad! Not implementing it means losing at least half of the potential of the platform! If you have any questions, feel free to Direct message.


When building an audience Geo-targeting is key Among all the option that Facebook Ads gives you to target people, Geo-location is a great one. It allows you to target people based on mile radius, city, state or even Zip Codes. It usually comes in handy when you sell a service!

When it comes to creating an audience, Geo-targeting is one of the most common methods to reach the right people!


Mastering Facebook Ads audiences is a great skill to have With a lookalike audience you target people very likely to be interested in your business. Facebook takes all of the data points of your source audience and finds new, similar people using a percentage that you specify.

This is one of the most powerful FacebookAds features. In very simple words, a lookalike audience is a group of people that Facebook thinks will be interested in your ad. Facebook makes this decision based on the huge amount of data that it holds, so it’s a reliable and safe decision for you!


The BEST way to find the BEST campaign We already stressed it a lot. But there’s just no better alternative than applying this concept. And you will be surprised to see how much difference even a simple capital letter in your copy can make! Happy testing everyone!

The chances that you find the perfect campaign at your first attempt aren’t always that high. But here’s where Testing comes in. Sometimes, even switching  few words in the copy can make an ad SUPER SUCCESSFUL compared to the previous one

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