Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team In India! In 2020!

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team In India


PUBG MOBILE is the only game which is most famous for the esports scene in India right now, and maybe it’ll stay for years because PUBG MOBILE is taking steps for increasing the esports scene for their game by organising tournaments for underdogs (PMIS).




We’ve shortlisted some teams may them be underdogs or known teams. (They are not ranked, those are just numbers) –

  • 1.Team SouL

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team

This team is one of the oldest team playing tournaments, they’d represented India internationally many times. They were the best in the PMCO Global Finals. SouLMortaL or Naman Mathur is the best PUBG MOBILE player with his teammates Regaltos, VipeR, Sangwan. They played their best game in PMIS 2019.

  • 2.Team SynerGE/ SGE

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team

Team SynerGE/SGE is a PUBG MOBILE team from Global Esports which is a well-known team in the competitive scene. It is a team with perfect coordination and teamwork. The IGL(In-Game Leader) of the team is Seervi, with Supporter Shryder and Fraggers AustinXBot and Ted play quite aggressively and also sometimes for the placement points. This got a slot for PMWL for its the best performance!

  • 3.Team GodLike/GodL

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team

Team GodLike/GodL is a team made by the famous streamer Kronten Gaming. This team is currently one of the best team performing in PMPL and has qualified for PMWL. The IGL GodLSmxkieOP was the top fragger in many PMPL matches. His teammates are no less than him they’ve KronTen as Support, Hastar/CarryBTC as Assaulter/Filter, Xzs1t Assaulter. Recently Fnatic Ronak joined GodLike but there is no information about whom he is replacing. They are sponsored by NovaEsports.

  • 4.Team Orange Rock/OR

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team

Orange Rock is the team constantly topping the leaderboard in the recent tournaments. This team has their deserving slot in PMWL. This Team is famous for their coordination and perfect synergical calls. Mavi is the IGL and at the same time a successful Assaulter, Daljtsk is the best Sniper in the competitive scene with Entry Fraggers Viru and Anto the team succeeds to perform every match they play!


  • 5.Team TSMEntity

Best PUBG MOBILE eSports Team

Only team which plays competitive matches like classic matches without fear and any hesitation. The best PUBG MOBILE assaulter Jonathon is in this team. This team is sponsored by Team SoloMid which is an international Gaming Organization. The coach or the Support of the team is Ghatak the best decision maker in PUBG MOBILE. The team has the clutching machines ZGod and Neyoo. ClutchGod is the IGL of the team.


There are many teams which perform and some underdogs also have potential to perform, for an example Team Celtz which won the PMPL and got a slot in PMWL, this team has no famous sponsors yet they perform! Just support every team which has potential to represent India internationally.


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