All New Jio 5G!

New Jio 5G!


Reliance Jio recently called RIL AGM 2020 did an event where it revealed bunch of new Made In India products/apps/features. Jio 5G is one of them!



All New Jio 5G!



What Is 5G?


A: 5G is designed to do a variety of things that can transform our lives, including giving us faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices—especially in the areas of virtual reality (VR), the IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI).    (Courtesy Qualcomm)

Basically 5G internet or 5G connection will make things work faster and also efficient. These 5G modules were firstly made outside India, but finally Jio has started doing what it is known for, making useful things in our country efficiently.


To Whom Is Jio 5G Helpful?


As this lockdown has taught almost every human around to use Mobile Phones or Internet for some work which is important, so people now have started hiring people for work from home, after this 2020 lockdown scenario most of the MNC’s ( Multi National Companies) would look forward to have such employees and 5G is just like a supplement to that. Job opportunities in AI/AR,VR would increase gradually too!



Why Jio 5G?


Reliance Jio is a brand developed and mostly used in India, and such reputed brand launching such a important feature/product can boost the new thread started by Indian Government i.e. Vocal For Local. Also as this is manufactured, assembled and developed in India an economic rise can also be seen!


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