JioMeet A Zoom Copy? New Zoom App Alternative India 2020!

JioMeet A Zoom Copy?



What is JioMeet?


JioMeet is made in India free video-conferencing application. It can be used for 1:1 video calls and hosting meetings with up to 100 participants with enterprise-grade host controls.
Feature Highlights

• Meeting in HD Audio and Video quality
• Create instant meeting and start inviting friends
• Schedule a meeting in advance and share meeting details with invitees
• Active Speaker view layout
• Unlimited Meetings per day
• Each meeting can go uninterrupted up to 24hrs
• Each meeting is password protected

• Host can enable ‘Waiting Room’ to ensure no participant joins without permission
• Create Groups and start calling/chatting on single click
• Share Screen and start collaborating
• Use ‘Safe Driving Mode’ while driving• Use JioMeet on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, SIP/H.323 systems
• Multi-device login support up to 5 devices
• Seamlessly switch from one device to other while on call
• Easy sign up with Mobile number/Email ID. They only support Indian mobile numbers.


JioMeet A Zoom Copy?



Why JioMeet Over Zoom?

Jio is an Indian company which is owned by Reliance, which is an Indian and indeed most growing brand in India. As the Prime Minister of India recently announced a slogan “Be Vocal For Local” which simply means that we should use Indian products/apps whenever and wherever possible! Zoom is a video conferencing app used at professional level. After the Lockdown in India most companies have to let their employees do Work From Home also school students and college students have to attend their classes on online platforms.


Zoom is neither a Chinese app nor an Indian but as announced by Prime Minister we all should support local brands so to help in growing the Indian market JioMeet can be used instead of Zoom. The JioMeet app is more like a copy of Zoom, the interface is almost same as Zoom app and so is the work. Also like Zoom JioMeet is available on iOS, Windows, Android.



Is JioMeet Safe?

Yes, JioMeet is very safe as the calls are end-to-end encrypted! Also if someone tries to invade the meeting there’s an option while scheduling the meeting to set that the meeting owner gets options to allow or deny the person trying to join!


Does JioMeet Consume More Data?


JioMeet is a video/audio conferencing application/software so it indeed consumes data but in comparison with Zoom it consumes quite less data because Zoom has to transfer the data internationally as their servers aren’t in India but JioMeet’s servers are present in India and are ran here only!



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