Miraculous 10 New WhatsApp Tricks !!!

The number of WhatsApp users skyrocket every day and also I’m willing to bet that after watching this article you’re gonna try at least one of the tricks for sure. Also these tricks are based on Android as well as iOS & also we aren’t using any third party application.

1) Pause WhatsApp status without holding.

Just tap once with three fingers on the WhatsApp status you want to pause and it will be paused forever, until and unless you don’t touch pack. But remember, that it only works with phones with multi-touch support.

2) Message yourself on WhatsApp

You can message yourself on WhatsApp. It sounds insane and actually it is. Just use this URL and add your WhatsApp number in the last and then paste the whole URL into any browser and click on ‘Chat on WhatsApp’.

URL (Enter your number after +91) – https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+91

3) See messages without updating your last seen.

Turn on airplane mode & see the message you want to see, also you can reply if you want. Then close WhatsApp and make sure that you are removing WhatsApp from recent apps and running apps list. Turn off the airplane mode and that’sall.

4) Enable dark mode anytime.

Just go to WhatsApp settings, then go into chat settings. There you’ll see an option named theme. Just tap on that and then you can change the theme anytime on any smartphone.

5) Message anyone without updating last seenĀ  ( Without turning on airplane mode )

Just say your phone’s virtual assistant to message on WhatsApp. He/she will ask for whom to message and what’s the message and it’s pretty easy. This works with Google Assistant as well as with Siri.

6) Prevent gallery rush on WhatsApp.

If you’re really upset about a lot of rush of WhatsApp images in your phone’s gallery, then you can turn photo visibility off for some particular group or chat. Just go to the chat or group then click on chat info and then turn off media visibility.

7) Copy text which is attached to an image.

You don’t get any option to copy the text which is attached to any media on WhatsApp. For making it possible, just open the image in full size and then tap once on the image and then you’ll see the attached text below the picture. Just click and hold on that and your text will be copied automatically.

8) Keep dual WhatsApp without App Cloner/Third party WhatsApp.

It’s simple like anything. Just download WhatsApp Business and set up your second WhatsApp with another number. WhatsApp Business is available for Android as well as iOS.

9) See any chat first/initial message.

Scrolling up to thousand and lacs of messages is not practically possible, just make it simple as go to the chat then click on the three dots and then click on more then click on export chats. After this it will give you a text file and in that you can easily see the first and initial chat messages with anyone.

10) Send your status to anyone directly.

A lot of time it happens that your friend’s ask you for sending the video status you uploaded, and then you just search for that in your gallery and overall it takes a lot of time. So for making it a 2 steps process, just go to your status, then click on the three dots and then forward the status directly to your friend.

Watch Video For Better Understanding : https://youtu.be/zNNBF9hfW9Q

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