How to DM on Instagram Who Have Turned Off Receiving Messages From Their Non-Followings ?

Tutorial Link –

Threads App Older Version Link –

Process :

  1. Download old version threads app, as it doesn’t works with the latest version.
  2. Send any post to that person from Instagram app by searching for their name.
  3. Come to threads app and then search for that person’s name, then open the chat.
  4. Type your message by replying to the post you’ve to sent to the user.
  5. Then go back to Instagram app and open the chat and then unsent the post.
  6. Just after this your message will be sent to the user who have turned off receiving messages from their non-followings.

By using this trick, you can message those accounts who have turned off receiving messages from non followings of their account. I hope you all have enjoyed this video a lot and guys make sure you do subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon for future notifications….


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