Instagram App Old Version Link For Restoring Permanently Deleted Instagram Account

You need to log-in into old version of Instagram App ( “REMEMBER : This only works with the version of app whose downloading link is given below “). Incase if you remember the last password of your deleted account, just attempt login with that credentials. Incase if you have forgotten the last password, try clicking on ‘forget your password option’ and enter username, in both of the cases it will show a message ” It seems like you have deleted this account or user not found “, this process is important before moving to the next step of filling form. Incase if you have forgotten the exact username of your deleted account, you can’t restore it back.

Link of Instagram App Desired Version :

Make sure that installing permission from unknown source or chrome is enabled on your android device, also the first process is only possible on android device, as you can’t download third party apps on ios. So incase if you don’t have an android device, you’ll need to take one from your friends just for attempting login in the desired version of Instagram app. Also before installing this version of Instagram app you should uninstall the existing Instagram app on your phone and also logout all the existing account.

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