Hosting Price Comparison 2022

Hello Everyone, We hope that you are doing good in this article i will talk compare few hosting companies and which are best

Well Talking About 2 Best Hosting Platform in the Market which are Hostinger & Godaddy

  1. Hostinger –

Hostinger’s servers are great company has great experience in hosting service

Talking About Price  it goes around 329₹($4.02) for 1 Month and 1908₹($24) for 12 Months

with this package you get 50GB Storage, Free SSL, 1 Email Account

at the end this can be a great hosting service and you can buy it hassle free from here – HOSTINGER

2. Godaddy

Godaddy the Kingpin in Domain Selling Business also offers Hosting services and they are as reliable as there Domain Services

Talking about the price it goes around 229₹($2.80) for 1 Months and 1908₹($24) for 12 Months

with this package you get 10 GB Storage, 1 Database , 1 Email

well this is a great hosting plan according to price and not for heavy users you can buy it from here – GODADDY


So guys that’s all for today hope you found our video interesting and these are the hosting companies on which you can rely on

see you guys in a next video until then take care of yourself Bye.


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