How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Loading Problem?

With the ban on TikTok in last July, users were looking for an alternative and may have found one in Instagram Reels. It’s been around an year since Reels is introduced but still, there are some users who have reported that their Instagram reels is not working or you can say it’s not loading. And I’m also one of them. The trick I’m gonna share is 100% working for everyone. So, if that’s you too, then after this blog, you’re also gonna have reels feature on your account. Make sure you’re reading the whole article, as each n every step is very important. 


Now first let’s know about the problems which users are facing regarding Instagram Reels. A lot of users are having the reel icon on their Instagram, but once they tap on that, it shows no internet connection or can’t load reels or some get to see an error message saying, connection error. Even if someone keeps refreshing, it doesn’t works. So we can refer this issue as reels aren’t loading or working.

Another set of people, is not even having the reel option, they get to see the old plus icon which we use for posting pictures and stories. Even if we tap on that we’ll see all options like post, story and live but not reels. 

Now also the users with this problem aren’t able to watch reels in their original aspect ratio which is 9:16 , ya they get to see reels posted by their followings but only in 1:1 aspect ratio that is just like a normal square post. For the users who don’t have any reels regarding issue, they see an option in lower left side to watch reels, as they click on that, the full resolution reels get opened. But the users with reels issues don’t even see any option as such. 

I’m having 4 accounts on Instagram which includes my personal account, tech paradise official account, a page where I post some of my write-ups and the last one is my dog’s account. Among the four accounts my 2 accounts got reels feature as soon as it was launched. The other two had the same problem, and I fixed both of my accounts reels loading problem recently, I didn’t try this method yet on my personal account because of some reasons, which I’ll discuss later in this article. But on the same account, I made it possible in a different way, and by that method, I bet you that 100 % you’ll be able to see reels on your account.

From a long time I was trying different things for enabling reels option, from reporting my problem to writing to Instagram, nothing works. Now I’ll share my trick for fixing this problem. All the tutorials which you might have seen regarding reels on YouTube and on different blogs are absolutely fake, till date this is only working trick for fixing the reels problem. 

So, I’m having multiple accounts logged in on my instagram app, and also this trick works on both platform android as well as on iOS with the same method. So here is my account which is not having reels options anywhere, we got a plus icon in the bottom, even if we click on the plus button, we see every other options but not the reels, even in create story section, it’s missing. Like overall, reel isn’t even existing on my account. Now what I’ll do is that I’ll switch my another account on which I am able to see reels, and here you can see that on the different account we’ve got the reels button and everything’s working properly. Now by staying in the reels tab, I’ll just switch to my another account, and… here you can see something impossible on your account, which we made possible for you. You’re able to watch reels on your account now. 

Instagram Latest App Link –

Just what I did is, that I opened the reel section on my other account and then I switched to my main account, also you should know that by tapping on the profile icon twice, accounts are switched on the app. Now by entering in this section, you can watch, like, share reels easily, also in full resolution. Apart from it now you’ll also be able to upload reels from your account. So for those with reels problem, it’s just that we have found something which was always hidden and inaccessible on our account. So this was the temporarily method for enjoying the reel feature on your account, but this method won’t enable the reels completely, you’ll have to create another account and like switching it again n again, so for long term it can be little boring. So now we’ll talk about the method by which you can completely enable reels on your account the way I did on my dog’s account.

Now the problem can be of two types : It can be your account based which majority of the users are having and it can be your app based which a few are having. But if on the same app, if other accounts are having reels option but not your primary account, then this is never an app based problem.

So the first step for everyone is to clear cache of their instagram app, iOS users will logout from their app and after that uninstall the application. Once done with it, Android users will download latest instagram app from any third party website for example , or you can download directly from the link given below in the description. IOS users will have to download the app from the app store only. Once installed, login with your account, and if the problem persists, it means the problem is account based. And if reels started coming on your account, it means the problem was application based.

Now for testing it out you can try logging any other account or even if you’ll make a fresh new account, on the same app, you’ll see that reels are loading on the new account but after switching your account back, the reels issues will be there. 

So we’ve seen that on the same app, different accounts are there, reels are working on some and not on some. 

Before moving further, you’ll have to make sure few things :

That your account is not logged in into any third party Instagram app, it can be for followers gain, unfollowing app, instagram analytics app or anything. I’ll recommend you to change your password and remove logins from everywhere. Also if possible change your account to public, if it is set on private. Now what I did after all these steps, is that I temporarily deactivated my instagram account but before that I did a process. 

Take three screenshots, the first one should be of your Instagram profile, the second screenshot should be of the homepage , and the third should be of the camera screen where it shows all the options like post ,story, live but not the reels. After taking the screenshot go to settings, then go to help, then click on report a problem. After that you’ll get four options, select Something isn’t working option. Then upload all the three screenshots, and write that ‘ Reels feature is not enable on your account. You don’t have any option to watch or create reels. Kindly enable the reels.’ It can be in your words but mention the problem in short. After that send it. 

After that deactivate your account temporarily, here the thing is that you’ll have  to wait for for a day, then only you’ll have to reactivate your account. Also you’ve to do this process quickly after submitting the feedback. Actually once we deactivate and activate our account, it refreshes our account from Instagram server and all the account related problems are solved most of the times. But since we submitted a problem and then we deactivated the account, the problem becomes more highlighting to instagram support team.

For those who don’t know how to deactivate your instagram account temporarily, the simple method is to visit on your browser and login with your account. We’re doing all these because on the instagram app there’s no option to delete or deactivate your account. So after signing your account on the web browser, go to your profile, click on edit profile, scroll and you’ll see an option for temporarily deactivate your account, just tap on that then enter something else as a reason, enter your password and submit it, thatsall.

After this just activate back your account after 24 hours, and you’ll have the reels option on your account. In my case, I reactivated my account after 2 days and it worked, just make sure you’re following every step carefully.

The reasons why some people is not having reels option is not actually figured out, their can be several possibilities. But mainly this is instagram server bug which are faced by several users and also the bad thing is instagram support team is nothing but useless, if you’ll just keep reporting the problem again n again, it will never ever get solved. Also Instagram hasn’t fixed this problem even after 1 year of reels introduction.

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