Snapchat Mastery 2024: Discovering Hidden Features and Tips!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Tech Paradise! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Snapchat to uncover some fresh and game-changing tricks that will undoubtedly blow your mind. So, without further ado, let’s explore these hidden gems within the app.

  1. Auto-Save Snaps in Chat for 24 Hours: In recent months, Snapchat has introduced a handy feature that allows snaps from both ends to automatically save in the chat for 24 hours. To enable this, simply press and hold your friend’s name, navigate to Chat Settings, and toggle on “Keep Snaps in Chat.” Now, your snaps will be saved by default, and you can even choose to keep them forever with a simple tap.
  2. Magic Eraser Tool: Have you ever clicked a snap only to find unwanted objects or people in the background? Enter the Magic Eraser tool! Discover how to effortlessly remove unwanted elements from your snaps by selecting the object, letting the AI do its magic, and voila – your photo is picture-perfect.
  3. Enhanced Snapchat Memories Search: Snapchat’s AI has undergone significant improvements, allowing users to search for specific keywords in their memories. Beyond just places and dates, find exactly what you’re looking for with more accurate results. While it may not be Google Photos, it’s a game-changer for easily accessing your desired content.
  4. Snapstreak Restoration with Snapchat+ Membership: Learn how to efficiently restore up to 8 broken streaks every month with Snapchat+ membership. This feature not only saves you from paying individually to restore streaks but also enhances your overall Snapchat experience. Find out how to get free Snapchat+ membership through the provided link in the description and pinned comment.


  5. Discover Songs with Snapchat: Uncover a hidden feature in Snapchat that allows you to scan for the song playing in the background. If you don’t have Shazam, Snapchat can now identify songs for you. Just head to the Snap Camera, press and hold, and choose the “Discover a Song” option to scan and identify the music.
  6. Undo Changes in Snap Memories: Did you know you can remove stickers and text from a snap even after saving it? Explore how to edit your snaps in Snap Memories, undo changes, and then save or export them without any regrets. Additionally, discover how to apply filters post-capture for added creativity.
  7. Bypassing Snap Sending Limit: Unlock the secret to sending snaps to more than 200 people at once by creating different shortcuts. Learn how to organize your contacts strategically within shortcuts, allowing you to share snaps with an extended audience. Beware of the maximum limit error if you try to add someone after unselecting them. This trick is not only convenient but also a surefire way to boost your Snap score.

Don’t miss out on these incredible Snapchat features – check out the full video for step-by-step demonstrations and more tips. For a quick summary and a chance to snag a free Snapchat+ membership, head to the blog linked below in the video’s description and pinned comment. Happy snapping! πŸ“Έβœ¨

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