Tech Paradise Seaside Homescreen Setup Downloadables

Tech Paradise Seaside Homescreen Setup is loved by a lot of android users. And this homescreen literally gives a different mesmerising look to your android device. Homescreen setups gives your phone a complete different look, even an old smartphone can be changed like a phone with latest UIs.

I won’t suggest using a custom setup on a low end phone having less than 4 gigs of RAM, as a lot of apps are installed for this and it continuously runs in the background, so it slows down the phone and make it laggy. So make sure your android phone is having at least 4 gigs of RAM, if you’re planning for a custom setup on your phone.

Here’s the link of all the files, download and install nova launcher first, then the icon pack, then KWGT widget maker, then HUK KWGT. After downloading these apps, download the nova backup file, along with the wallpaper. If you find any difficulty in importing the nova backup file, then dm me on Instagram @divyansharun

If you don’t know setting up these apps and how to import the backup file, in that condition you should first watch the video tutorial whose link is given below.

Downloadables :


Nova Backup File


Apps :

Nova Launcher

Enix Icon Pack

KWGT Widget Maker


Click here for Video Tutorial 

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