Enlarge Pictures! Loose 0 RESOLUTION!How?

Enlargement – a photographic print that has been enlarged. blowup, magnification. photo, photograph, pic, exposure, picture – a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

Chart showwing optimized print size for various resolutions

How can I enlarge a photo in photos?
Find and select the image you want to resize, and then click the “Open” button. On the Home tab of the Paint toolbar, click the “Resize” button. Paint gives you the option of resizing by percentage or by pixels. It uses percentage by default, and that’s fine for rough resizing.
How to Enlarge an Image in Photoshop
  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Go to the Image Size dialog, check resample, and select “Preserve Details” in the corresponding dropdown menu.
  3. Make sure the Resolution is set to 300 Pixels/Inch.
  4. Set Width and Height to inches and adjust to enlarge your image.
How do I enlarge an image without losing quality?
Open the image you want to resize in Gimp. Simply go to Image » Scale Image. Enter your desired dimensions. Under the Quality section choose Sinc (Lanczos3) as Interpolation method and click on the Scale Image button.
Another Way

Sometimes you get a photo from the Internet that is too small and won’t look good in your post. Or you want a better resolution because it’s gonna be printed. The solution is to enlarge the photo. To do this I’ll show you a site that does it for free without signing up.

Go to:

Upload your photo or paste the URL.

After that, slide the button to your right to make it bigger.

Your choice of percentage or dimension, then click enlarge and download it.

Don’t expect miracles, but it’s a very good service.

enlarge pictures

How To Enlarge A Picture?

  • 1. Upload an image via local computer or URL
  • 2. Select the zoom factor or the pixel size for upscaling
  • 3. Click on the blue “Enlarge Image” button to enlarge the image
  • 4. Download the enlarged photo by clicking on the blue download button

Photo Enlarger

This tool allows you to enlarge photos so that you can make their pixel size bigger. You will naturally lose some quality when enlarging photos, but our algorithms optimize images to minimize this quality loss.

Upscale to the exact size

You can upscale images to the exact size by entering the height and width of the target size. If you prefer, you can also enter a zoom factor for the enlargement. i.e. a 200% zoom will make your images twice as bigger.

Online & Secure

This image enlarger is utilizing the HTML5 canvas. This means your files are never uploaded to our servers. It is one of the most secure image enlargers available online. Most importantly, it will always be FREE!

Image Upscaler

enlarge pictures

Image Upscaler is an online photo enlarging service. It helps you resize images without losing quality. Using Artificial Intelligence, Image Upscaler increases the resolution of the image saving its natural look.

A picture resizer is just a must-have tool for:

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest bloggers;
  • websites owners;
  • self-development coaches;
  • students, managers, scientists and others.

How does it work?

Basically, Image Upscaler draws lacking pixels on the place of large ones. It was built with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

First, GAN Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) has been trained in a tremendous photo library. It helps the app to understand how the land, buildings, etc should look like. Now, when you upload the picture, Image Upscaler scans it, understands what the object is, and then draws the rest of the pixels. As a result, you get a resized photo of high quality.

Which format can be used?

You can enlarge images in JPG, JPEG, PNG formats.

Does the Image Upscaler have any limits?


  • You can resize an image in 4 times. 
  • The maximum image size is 5 Mb. 
  • Image width and height are limited to 2500 pixels. If you would like to resize a bigger image you can crop a necessary part before processing.

What is the difference between Image Upscaler and Photoshop?

While Photoshop works offline from your PC, Image Upscaler works online from the browser. You can use Image Upscaler on your smartphone, office laptop, etc whenever you need it. Meanwhile, Photoshop needs to be installed, which means your time and PC’s RAM will be spent.

Talking about the technology applied, standart approaches uses bilinear interpolation. Such algorithms predict new pixels, that’s why resized image becomes blurred. Image Upscaler uses AI, which creates new pixels to make a final picture look natural.

Does Image Upscaler depend on any software?

The image enlarger tool works online from the browser.

What images does Image Upscaler work with?

Image Upscaler works with any image, but you will get a better result using pictures, that were not previously upscaled. The website shows better results on logos, cartoon pictures, animes or any other synthesized image.

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