Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks! New Samsung Phone 2020!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks


Samsung Galaxy S21, as per the reports is allegedly leaked by OnLeaks. The name is neither announced nor confirmed so the name may vary but as far as the reports say the device won’t most probably change.


Samsung Galaxy S21 – Leaks



Samsung Galaxy S21

There are reports that this device will have a 6.2 Inch Flat Display with a small notch in the upper-centre of the front side. The phone is 9mm thick. The Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21 being the better version, it’ll have a 6.7/6.9 Inch Flat Display and the thickness would increase to 10mm. These phones have a bezel-less display.

S21 will have three rear cameras with a flash not placed in the camera module section, whereas the S21 Ultra has four rear cameras and flash included in the same area. There are no certain leaks about the camera specifications and the basic processors.

The phone is expected in Grey,Pink, Silver, Violet and White colours. The colours and the names may vary.


Samsung Galaxy S21 – Release Date


The phones are expected to be launched in January 2021. Unlike the OG Samsung S-series launches which are usually launched in March or April this launch event might be conducted in January due to this pandemic. There are leaks that with these phones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 may get released.

However,these are just leaks, there are no official announcements about the release date or the specifications.


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