How to Speed Up Your Slow iPhones ?

You might have heard about a very common myth that iPhone never hangs or becomes slow with time, but iPhone users know the real truth. Since iPhone is also a machine which comes with limited RAM and memory, so with time it becomes slow too and if you’re too experiencing this you’re at a perfect place because after this article your iPhone’s speed will be restored.

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Slow iPhone :

1.) So the very first thing is to check for your iPhone’s gallery, like the thing is that even if your iPhone’s storage is not fully loaded but if you’re having too much images into your iPhone’s photos app, it will slow down your phone to next level as thumbnails of those thousand images consumes your RAM continuously. Even syncing images with iCloud won’t work, so just reduce the total number of photos saved on your iPhone, and trust me this will really increase the speed of your iPhone.

2.) Into the iPhone’s storage setting you’ll find an option named offload unused apps, turn it on. So it will automatically offload applications which you don’t use for a long time. Also apart from it keep as least apps possible on your iPhone, the least the apps the least the background usage. Apps which you use once in a while or something, you can just download them whenever you’ve to use and after that you can uninstall it.

3.) Coming to the third reason is overloading your iPhone’s storage, the key is to keep at least 30% storage always free and available. If your iPhone’s storage is consumed more than 95%, your iPhone will become too much slow and even apps will start crashing automatically. If your iPhone’s storage gets completely full by any mean you can face an issue named loop boot screen where the iPhone gets stuck at the apple logo and fixing it can lead to severe data loss. Taking an entry level iCloud’s membership can help you a bit.

4.) You can keep your iPhone’s gallery well organised by turning off WhatsApp media which are saved on iPhone’s camera roll. Also a great amount of storage can be cleared by going into your WhatsApp storage section. Apart from it go to settings then camera, after that choose format option and then enable high efficiency, once you’ll enable this pictures will be saved in HEIF or HEVC format which are pretty efficient in terms of size.

5.) If you want to make your iPhone more smooth you can turn off automatic updates of applications as well as iOS, so the process won’t run in background while you use your iPhone resulting in a smoother experience, but for this you’ll have to manually update your apps at the time you go to the bed, and it will update all the apps overnight. Into the general settings you’ll find an option named background app refresh, into this section you can eliminate background usage of some non important applications.

Last and the ultimate trick for boosting the speed of your iPhone is to reboot your iPhone once everyday. When everything fails, you can always try restarting your device.

So that’s-all for now !!!

Apps for boosting iPhone’s Speed :

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