Instagram Free Article & PR Creation – For Verification Purpose

Instagram has changed its verification process this year, also a lot of changes in the form of request verification section is done. Earlier it required your name, username, category and identity proof only but now it asks you to describe your audience type and a lot more, also you can give link of some articles related to you and your social media handles. So the Instagram team check for the attached link and then review the request of verification.

The link of the form is given below, by which you can apply for a free PR, which will help you getting a verification badge. Just make sure all of your details are same in both of the forms. Also the PR form will ask for some keywords related to you, your account or your business and AI will do the rest.

Also make sure you have correct name entered in your instagram account as name matching is very essential from the attached identity proof.

Features of PR Creation Websites :

  • Get free articles about you on internet.
  • You’ll be available in Google search.
  • It will boost your chance for getting verified on social medias.

Free Article & PR Creation Website :

Free Article & PR Creation Website :

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