How to View Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously ?

So you’re going through a fight and maybe for some reason you don’t want the other person know that you’ve seen their Instagram story and on the other hand, you’re really curious to see their story,  I know this situation arises with a lot of you guys. So today we’ll talk about that how we can see someone’s instagram story anonymously even if it is a private account. So let’s get into it.

Download App – ( StorySaver+ / BlindStory )

Before we get started, the best thing about this trick is that it’s free to use and also this process can be performed on android as well as on IOS devices.

Now first you’ve to download free version mod of StorySaver+ app from the link given in the bottom of this post or you can also use BlindStory app but the interface of StorySaver+ is much better. Now the link of the same app for iPhone users are also given and it’s recommended to download the app from the below link only as if you’ll download it from google play store it will ask for premium membership and the app will be having a lot of ads.

Once you’re done with the installation, open the application and login with your instagram account, don’t worry logging in here is safe enough, but still if you’ve trust issues then you can change your password just after completing the job.

Now the T&C here is that you can see story of any open account but for seeing story of a private account it should be in your followings. Also this application allows you download someone’s story on their phone.

So now for seeing someone’s story, just search for that account or incase if you can see the account on the homepage just click on that. Now whatever story you’ll see from this application. The app won’t let the user know that you’ve seen his/her story as your name won’t come in the viewer’s list. 

Now if you want to view story of an open account anonymously, then you can skip the login process by visiting the website whose link is in the bottom. Here you just have to enter the username and all the stories will be loaded but it is only limited to open accounts, you can’t see stories of private account using this.

So this is how you can view someone’s story anonymously, but these apps start asking for membership and in app purchase after sometimes so download the app from the link given in the description for the free version of the application. That’s all !!!

Download App – ( StorySaver+ / BlindStory )

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