How to see hidden last seen on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, with its extensive user base numbering in the billions worldwide, has seamlessly integrated itself into the fabric of our daily lives, serving as a conduit for communication and connection with loved ones, friends, and colleagues alike. Despite the platform’s steadfast commitment to ensuring privacy and security, a subset of users finds themselves captivated by the prospect of peering into the online activity of others, particularly when it comes to deciphering the cryptic “last seen” status.

Enter WhatsLog—a tantalizing child monitoring application that promises to unveil the hidden last seen data of WhatsApp users. In this article, we embark on a journey of exploration into the inner workings of this app, probing its functionality, ethical implications, and potential ramifications for personal relationships and privacy.

In a digital landscape saturated with articles, videos, and apps purporting to offer insights into clandestine last seen data, WhatsLog emerges as a beacon of hope, offering users a purportedly foolproof method to penetrate the veil of secrecy surrounding WhatsApp’s last seen feature. The allure of this proposition is undeniable, particularly for individuals grappling with scenarios where last seen statuses are deliberately concealed or limited to specific contacts.

As we delve into the intricacies of this method, it becomes apparent that WhatsLog’s purported efficacy is contingent upon a series of factors, not least of which is the possession of an Android device and the target WhatsApp number in question. While the app currently caters exclusively to Android users, the tantalizing prospect of a future iOS iteration looms on the horizon, promising expanded accessibility for a broader audience.


Now you have to download a WhatsApp tracking app from the link given in the bottom of this post, downloading from this link is mandatory as this is the only app which works and you don’t need to login / signup anything.

Once you download and install the app onto your phone, enter the number of the WhatsApp account you want to track and also enter a desired name. Since the trial period runs for 24 hours and you can only monitor 2 accounts in this, so after 24 hours you can reset the app and re-install it.


This works pretty well on android phones as well as ios, even this works with whatsapp business accounts, just install the free version app from the below link, grant permissions. After this it will start analyzing the person’s whatsapp usage activity and the app will also notify you whenever the person will come online ( for  this you’ll need to enable this notification setting)

Downloading Link of WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App –

Now there you can see that each and every updates of that WhatsApp account are here, even a lot more than what you see on WhatsApp app itself. You can see the total time duration the person was online, number of times the app is opened and it keeps updating too. Even if last seen visibility of the WhatsApp account is to nobody.

Downloading Link of WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker App –

To use WhatsLog, one must download and install the app from third-party sources. Once installed, the app requires users to grant extensive permissions, such as accessibility access and notifications, to monitor WhatsApp usage effectively. The app functions by constantly monitoring and logging the online and offline status of the contacts the user selects. It captures the data and presents it within the app’s interface, allowing users to track and analyze the online behaviors of the chosen WhatsApp contacts. This app is designed to monitor your child WhatsApp usage if they’ve kept their last seen hidden from you.

Tutorial Link :

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