Snapchat Latest App For Getting Shortcuts Option

Snapchat users are skyrocketing everyday and so do the number of streaks with their friends, now every time after clicking a snap a lot of you guys still send snaps by selecting their friends one by one and this is pretty frustrating. As a lot of users still don’t know about this shortcut feature by which you can send snap to everyone with just one click, and few people are not having this shortcut feature into their Snapchat app, So in this article we’ll talk about the solution for the same, with that being said let’s get started.

 Download Snapchat Android App –

Incase if application installation gets fail then uninstall the existing snapchat app and install again.

Download Snapchat IOS App –

The same trick is followed on IOS devices, the only difference is they need to update the app from app store only or by uninstalling then clicking on latest version iOS app link from the description then re-install the app.

After this click a snap and then click on send button, so here you can see there’s no shortcut option. Now what you need to do is to click on search area and then click on this create shortcut option or the emoji…

Now select all the friends you used to select one by one and then save the shortcut with an emoji. 

Now after this setup whenever you’ll click on send button you’ll see that shortcut emoji and by this you can send snaps to up to 400 people with just one selection. 

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