How to Know What Your Girlfriend is Doing on Instagram ?

Earlier we used to have an activity feature on Instagram by which we were able to see other’s activity but now things are pretty restricted. But today we’re gonna talk about that how you can track someone’s Instagram account completely for free. Now what I meant from tracking an Instagram account is to spy an account and monitor their activities, their favourite users, hashtags, accounts , liked posts, comments on a post, list of new followers and almost everything.

So for this you’ll need to visit snoopreport’s website from the link given below as that link will let you use the services for free. Apart from it login credentials, basically the username and password for using the services for free is given below too by which you can track Instagram accounts completely for free. Sometimes it may happen that the username password won’t be available in case of multiple account logged in, but you can still check the if it’s available or not. Now, incase if you get the login credentials, login or else sign up on the website of snoopreport.

After logging in into the portal of snoopreport, you’ll see an option for adding account just click on that and search with the username of the account you want to monitor. After that it will take a bit of time for preparing the complete report and once done you can see the complete report of that account. Total likes and interactions, most liked accounts, new followers and a lot more. So this can be done for any Instagram account all you need is the username of that account.

A full report is prepared in 5 days after you add the account, as once you add the the account, the account is monitored by snoopreport and then the full report is generated. Also you can download a CSV file of the report where you’ll see proper database of the report.Incase if you want to see previous weeks report, you’ll need to purchase it by paying a small amount of 1.19$ for report of one week. So this was all about monitoring or you can say tracking someone’s instagram account.


Login Credentials – 

email –

pass – Click here for password

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