How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages & Photos ? ( Android + IOS )

It’s pretty frustrating seeing messages which are deleted for everyone and then the curiosity to know that deleted message or media is heightened to another level, but after this post you’ll be able to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and the best thing is, it’s not only limited to recover deleted messages but you can recover deleted audios, medias or even if it is a document, and I’m also gonna talk about IOS tutorial for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages, which you won’t find anywhere else on internet.

  1. Now first talking about android users, the very first thing they need to do is to go into WhatsApp settings then in storage and data settings, now here you’ve to turn on auto media download for everything for mobile data as well as on wifi. This step is very important as without this setting you won’t be able to recover deleted media files.
  2. Now after this you have to download RESTORY application either from google play store or from the link given below, it’s recommended to download the app from below link as it will be ad free and won’t ask for any premium membership.
  3. After this once you’re done with installation of the app, open the app and then it will ask permission for notification access along with media access. So you’ll need to grant it, well the application is safe enough and no data is transmitted from phone to sever or anything. They just generate revenue by ads and pro membership. 
  4. After this setup, Restory app will start monitoring your messages and whenever any message will be deleted, restory app will trap the message and you’ll also get a notification about it. Same way it works for recovering deleted media and that’s why it took media permission. Also complete log of all deleted message sender’s information will be shown along with the date and time of the message. So this is how you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on an android phone.
  5. Now coming to iPhones, here no application’s can take notifications permission hence capturing deleted messages on iPhone is not possible with any iOS application. But what we can do here is we can use WhatsApp new feature for recovering messages on an iPhone. So recently WhatsApp introduced multi device login by which we can use WhatsApp on multiple device even if your primary device is offline. So what you can do is to login WhatsApp web on your pc using chrome browser and download chrome extension named WA Web Plus and into the settings of this extension turn on restoration of deleted messages, another great alternative to this method is to download kiwi browser on an android phone as this browser supports chrome extension, so you can setup WhatsApp web along with WA Web Plus extension on an android phone for recovering deleted messages. So that’s all for now !!! 

Link of free version app –

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