10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks !!!

Today we’ll talk about 10 unbelievable WhatsApp tricks, and I bet you that after this you’re gonna try atl east one of the tricks for sure.

  1. A lot of people are unaware about this WhatsApp feature that they can delete messages from everyone even after 12 hours of sending the messages, and some users are able to delete it up to 48 hours. Earlier it was only limited to 1 hour and 8 mins but now you can delete it up to 48 hours. Just make sure you’re having the latest version of Whatsapp application.
  2. This WhatsApp trick is for IOS users, so if you’re online and you wanna see messages of a chat without showing them the blue tick then you can simply press n hold on that chat and you can see the messages without officially seeing it.
  3. A lot of people are un aware of this WhatsApp new feature that they can now hide their profile picture and last seen from someone they want. All you’ll need to do is to select the contacts from whom you wanna hide your profile picture or last seen under privacy settings. Earlier it was impossible to do without deleting the contact but now it’s so easy.
  4. A lot of WhatsApp users prefer having two different WhatsApp accounts maybe to distinguish their personal and official WhatsApp, but they end up slowing their phone devices by using either parallel space or maybe by cloning the app. One better way to make it possible is to download WhatsApp business which is an official app of WhatsApp and it works in the same way like regular WhatsApp.
  5. So if you ever wanna find out to whom who chat the most on WhatsApp, then simply go to settings- then storage and data, then click on manage storage and the leaderboard here will be the one whom you chat the most on your WhatsApp. 
  6. We all know that WhatsApp changes the quality of the image if we send it to someone as a media, or maybe if we’re setting up a DP or also while uploading a status, so if you’re fed up with this low quality conversion of WhatsApp then simply go to WhatsApp settings then storage and data settings and in this section you’ll see an option named media upload quality just click on that and select best quality option and this problem will be fixed.
  7. A lot of you guys are unaware of this WhatsApp feature of sending media that they can simply copy an image from browser and paste the image directly into the chat and can send the image as a media file.
  8. This method is about restoring a deleted message, for this you can simply use Restory application on android devices and IOS users can refer to the video whose link is given below in the video’s description.
  9. If your parents ask for your phone and you’re afraid that they don’t open your WhatsApp and to save yourself from a situation like this, You can enable WhatsApp inbuilt fingerprint/ face id lock by going into the privacy settings also you can archive all the chats on WhatsApp, but make sure you’ve enabled this settings so even with new messages chats will stay in archive only.
  10. If you ever want to have any WhatsApp status video on your phone’s gallery then Instead of asking for the video or screen recording it, you can simply use status saver application but this can only be done on android devices. Also the link of free version of status savers are given below in the video’s description.
  11. As we always give a bonus trick and this time it’s about seeing someone’s hidden last seen, for this download the WhatsApp tracker application from the link given in the video’s description and enter the contact whom you wanna track, now whenever the person will come online, you’ll get notified it.

So that’s all for now !!!

Downloading Links –

Restory App – https://techparadise.co.in/how-to-restore-deleted-whatsapp-messages-photos-android-ios/

Status Saver – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lazygeniouz.saveit

Last seen finder App – https://techparadise.co.in/how-to-see-hidde…seen-on-whatsapp/

Recover deleted messages (IOS) – https://youtu.be/0msMNBBWJIk


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