How to View Instagram Private Account Posts?

So you’re a veteran Instagram user, you browse, you stalk and at times you save some medias on your phone. Few Instagram users & influencers often switch their account between public and private. And here it becomes frustrating saving them onto your phone, so this time we’ll see an amazing app which will let you access & download a private account completely with just few clicks for free so you can have all post of your crush on your phone.

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Video Tutorial :

There are several apps available for which claims to show and save posts of a private account but sadly all are fake and nothing works, all you need to do is to copy the link of the profile & then just paste the copied link and the complete profile including all the posts, reels everything of the private account will be downloaded. Also if you wanna save the post of a private account on your phone, you won’t see any option to copy or share the link of the post. Incase of pictures, screenshot can work at times but for videos, screen recording won’t be a that great option.

For this you’ve to download InSave+ App or either InsMate Application, now after downloading any of them. Just open the app and go to instagram option, then you’ll see an option to download from private account, just enable it and then it will ask you to login to Instagram. Don’t worry this is 100% safe but still if you’re in-secured about logging your instagram on a third party app, you can change your password after your job is done.

So in Insmate app, go to the account sections, open Instagram 1 and after logging in search for the private account whose post or video you wanna save. Here you can see this is a private account and here we’re having list of all the posts. Just click on the post you wanna save and then press the download button and that’s-all it’s saved onto your phone and you can access it anytime from your phone’s gallery. Also you can use these apps for downloading story of a private account.

This method is 100% working, and these apps are safe enough to keep your instagram logged in. .

Downloading Link :

InSave+ App : Download Now

InsMate App : Download Now

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