Who Visits Your Instagram Profile in 2023 ?

We all wanna know who visits our Instagram profile and it will be pretty fun knowing your secret admirer on Instagram, so today we’ll talk about the latest working method to find your profile visitors.

The algorithm is changed than last year, there are lot of apps on the playstore and app store which claims to show you your profile visitors but in reality none of them works and the worst part is they’ll ask you for premium membership too for showing you list of some random usernames claiming it to be your profile visitors. So After a lot of research I found an app among those thousand apps, which shows you genuine visitors, well the result will show you real visitors but will also show you some random accounts in between. So today, we’ll talk about two ways to know your profile visitors, the first method is to find your profile visitors using the application I talked about and second method to find it on Instagram app itself. So incase if you don’t wanna spend too much time on this tutorial then you can directly download the free version of the app from the link given below.


Instagram, known for its immense popularity and large user base, serves as a platform for sharing moments, connecting with friends, and exploring new interests. However, a common question that arises among Instagram users is whether it is possible to determine who visits their profiles. While this idea may seem intriguing, it is important to understand the reality behind tracking profile visitors on Instagram. To comprehend the possibility of tracking profile visitors, it is crucial to understand how the Instagram algorithm operates. The algorithm’s primary goal is to deliver relevant content to users based on their interests, interactions, and engagement history. It focuses on presenting users with posts and accounts they are more likely to engage with, rather than providing personal information about profile visitors. It is important to note that Instagram does not provide an official feature or tool that allows users to see who has visited their profiles. The platform prioritizes privacy and aims to create a safe and enjoyable experience for its users. Unlike some other social media platforms, Instagram has not introduced any functionality that enables users to track profile visitors.

Now once you’re done with the app installation, you’ll need to login with your Instagram account, don’t worry logging in here is safe enough as I’ve tested it for few days with many accounts but still if you want you can change your password after this process.

Once you’ll login it will analyse your account and will show you list of stalkers, well it will show only recent two rest will be locked as it will ask for membership to unlock it. The free version link which you’ll find in the video’s description will let you see two visitors for free also you can see someone’s story anonymously using this app. Instagram API is too much restrictive with third party apps so 100% accurate results can’t be shown but still among all other apps, this works pretty well.

Now moving to the second trick, the fact is there’s no direct option on Instagram by which we can see the list of people visited our profile but we can know that who oftenly visits our Instagram profile. In creator and business accounts you can know some insights which includes things like total number of profile visits, impressions and a lot more but the insights are also limited to the total number of any operation. They’ll show you the numeric data but it won’t give the analytics with proper name.


YouTube Video Tutorial – https://youtu.be/gaP0XVogqmo

Now once we upload any story on Instagram, just wait for it to come to its 24th hour which meant the last hour of the story visible to people. Now we need to understand the Instagram Algorithm which is almost similar to last year’s algorithm: The list of story viewers is shown in reverse chronological order until there have been more than 50 viewers. After 50 views on the Instagram story, Instagram then pushes those who have interacted the most with the Instagram account at the top except the ones who reacted on your story. Now here the interacted is not only limited to the people you’ve talked the most or engagements. But instead this is based on the accounts who never misses seeing your story. Now on the other hand it’s also based on people you’re highly engaged and the people who oftenly visits your profile. So in simple words in the last few hours of your story when almost every of your active followers has seen your story, you can know and get an idea of people who have visited your Instagram profile. Well it’s not 100% based on account visiting but it can give you an overall idea.

Now the last and a tricky thing which can be done for knowing your stalkers is little complicated but trust me this is the only possible way. What you’ll need to do is to upload any story on your account and then add it to highlights. Once the 24 hour is finished of the story then go to the highlights section and screenshot the list of viewers. Now you must know that viewers of the story highlights are only visible for 48 hours. So in the 47th or 48th hour of the story highlight if you see any difference in the number of viewers, screenshot and compare it with the story viewers. The new person will be your visitor, you can repeat this process for finding your visitor.

That’s all folks !!!

Download Instagram Stalker Finder App – https://bit.ly/3Vha8Eb

Download Instagram Stalker Finder App – https://bit.ly/3Vha8Eb


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Instead of becoming fixated on knowing who visits your Instagram profile, it is more beneficial to focus on building meaningful connections and engaging with your followers. Instagram offers a range of features, such as stories, captions, and comments, that facilitate interaction with your audience. By actively participating in conversations and creating engaging content, you can attract genuine followers who are truly interested in your posts.

While the idea of knowing who visits your Instagram profile may spark curiosity, it is essential to understand the limitations and realities of the platform. Instagram does not provide an official feature to track profile visitors, and third-party apps claiming to offer such services may compromise your account’s security and privacy. Instead, concentrate on creating quality content, engaging with your followers, and enjoying the true essence of the Instagram experience.

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