Unlock Any iPhone Without Passcode in 2023 ? Forgotten iPhone’s Passcode ?

Alright, so you’re having a disabled iPhone or maybe you’ve forgotten your iPhone’s passcode and as we all know after multiple wrong attempts, your iPhone gets disabled. So today we’ll know ‘how to fix disabled iPhones?’ or you can say ‘how to unlock an iPhone without passcode’ ?

In this article, we’ll talk about two ways to fix it, and you can choose any of the one according to your convenience.
Coming to the first way, if you’re having invoice of your iPhone and id proof too of the person whose name is registered in the invoice. Then you can get it done at the nearest apple center within an hour, maybe they’ll charge you something for this. Now coming to the second solution, you can do it at your home for free, all you’ll need is a laptop, a lightening cable with USB as on one end and your disabled iPhone.

Now you’ll need to use a software which will remove the lockscreen from disabled iPhone and it will also logout the existing apple id on that iPhone. Well this is a paid software but the free version link of this software, you’ll find below.

Now after downloading and installing passfab tool, connect your iPhone to the laptop with the lightening cable and then click on the unlock ios screen button. After this you’ll need to put your iPhone into recovery mode and it’s very easy. All you’ll need to do is to press the volume up button first then quickly press volume down button and then press n hold power button until a screen like this appears. For iPhone 7 and older versions of iPhones you’ll need to press and hold the volume down button along with the power button. Basically it’s just itunes connection screen. Now after entering recovery mode, it will automatically scan device informations and will ask you to download latest IOS firmware, also this works with ios 16 too.

Once firmware will be downloaded, click on start remove button and it will take time of something around 10 minutes and after this your iPhone will get unlocked, apple id will be logged out and all screen locks will be removed too. Just make sure you’re following all the steps correctly and it will work for sure. So this is how you can fix a disabled iphone within minutes.

Tool Downloading Link :

Windows : https://bit.ly/3J7if3G
Mac : https://bit.ly/3HnWgEo

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