How to Buy Blue Verification Badge On Instagram ? Meta Verified

You might be knowing that Meta has launched paid blue tick option for facebook as well as Instagram and thousand of users already got verified after this update. So today we’ll discuss about the method to buy the verification badge.

Well for now this is launched in few countries, like It is currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for people with 18 years or older. Meta verified testing is officially a go in India and other countries which is to say that you can now join the “waitlist” to get verified and eventually get a blue tick on Instagram. The service will cost you 15$  and rs 1,450 In india a month if you subscribe through the app on your Android or iPhone. Subscribing through the web will be cheaper at 12$ which will be Rs 1,099 in India a month possibly because Meta won’t have to share a cut with Google and Apple there.

So for joining the waitlist you’ll need to visit this link, which will open Introducing meta verified page and here you’ve to click on Instagram, after this it will automatically open your Instagram app and then you’ve to click on the join waiting list button. Now after this it will inform you, once purchasing the badge will be available in your country. I expect it to be there within three weeks to a month, mean while keep visiting us so we’ll keep you posted about the same. Now for people who want this right now can refer to VPN services for getting the verification badge ASAP, but you’ll also need an international payment method for completing the process. The same link should be used for people living in USA, it will lead you directly to the payment option instead of joining the waitlist. 


Unlike Twitter Blue tick which requires users to put in a phone number only, verification on Instagram will require them to submit a government ID as well, so we don’t need to worry about authenticity on Instagram. The ID must match the profile name and photo of the Instagram account you’re applying for. Also once your profile is verified, you can’t change the profile name, username and date of birth.

Click Here For Meta Verified Link 

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