How to check who blocked you on Instagram ? 2023

Today we’ll see the method to find out that who have blocked you on Instagram ? This article is going to be very interesting.

Now sometimes we get confused even if someone has deactivated their instagram account, but for checking this out all you’ll need to do is to open an incognito tab on any browser and open this link : ‘’ and if you find something like this ‘that the page is not available’ that means the user has deactivated or deleted their account. But if you see it opening on the browser but the account is not coming in your instagram search that means the user has blocked you. 

Now if you want to find list of Instagram blockers directly then you’ll need this third party instagram Analytics tool, and you can download this for free from the link given below in the article. You’ll need to login with your Instagram and it’s safe enough logging in here but if you still don’t trust logging in here then you can change your password just after the operation. After logging in, it will take few minutes alalyzing the account. After that under blocked user section you’ll find list of users who have blocked you. 

Now for those who don’t want to use this direct method, can look for any conversation with that person and if you see it in a way like instagram user that means the user has either blocked you or deactivated their account, and you can find this out by the first method we discussed in the starting. Now for some blocked accounts you’ll also see a popup like this ‘ user not found’. 


Since Instagram never notifies you if someone blocks you up, so you won’t have any clue until & unless you don’t find that person missing on your Instagram. In recent update even if someone has blocked you, you’ll find their name dp in your chats. Instead of showing ‘Instagram user’. Now You’ll only get to know when you visit their profile and see thing’s missing. Also the direct way to see the blockers through app shows you proper results if you keep it installed so it will analyse your profile followings and followers, so future blockers will be trapped in this app. So this is how you can you can see who had blocked you on Instagram.


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