How to know your Instagram Secret Admirers For Free?

Many Instagram users are curious about identifying their “Instagram stalkers” – individuals who frequently view their profiles without leaving any trace or engaging with their content. In this article, we will explore two methods that can help you uncover your secret admirers on Instagram. While the first method involves using an app called Follower Tracker Pro, we have provided a free version of the app for download. Additionally, the second method utilizes a traditional technique involving Instagram stories. Let’s delve into these methods to shed light on your Instagram stalkers.

Tutorial for using the app.

Method 1: Using Follower Tracker Pro

  1. Download the Follower Tracker Pro app: Access the Android app for free through the link provided in the video’s description or pinned comment. For iOS users, an alternative paid app is available, but it is recommended to use an Android device for this process.
  2. Log in with your Instagram credentials: After installing the app, log in using your Instagram account details. Although the app is considered safe, you may choose to change your Instagram password as an added precaution.
  3. Analyzing your account: The app will take a few seconds to analyze your Instagram account and provide various options.
  4. Explore the Instagram stalker section and profile visitors: The primary feature we’re interested in is the Instagram stalker section, which reveals individuals who frequently visit your account without engaging. This section helps identify your secret admirers. Additionally, keeping the app installed on your phone enables you to gather more data about your stalkers and visitors.

Method 2: Utilizing Instagram Stories

  1. Upload a story: Post a story on your Instagram account. Stories are visible for 24 hours and can be accessed by tapping on your profile picture.



  2. Capture screenshots: In the 24th hour of your story being live, take screenshots of the top 5 viewers. Instagram sorts the viewer order in a chronological manner, with the initial viewers being those who are most engaged with your account, including profile visitors.
  3. Utilize story highlights: To gain more precise insights, add the story to your highlights. Within 48 hours, check the new viewers of the story highlight. The new viewer will be someone who viewed the story via the highlight, indicating that they visited your account. This method provides another way to identify your stalkers.

Conclusion: Discovering your Instagram stalkers has been a major concern for many users. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can gain insights into your secret admirers on Instagram. The first method involves using the Follower Tracker Pro app, which requires logging in with your Instagram credentials. Alternatively, the second method utilizes Instagram stories, where you capture screenshots of the initial viewers and monitor new viewers via story highlights. Remember to exercise caution when downloading third-party apps and protect your personal information. Happy stalking!

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