How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp If Someone Has Blocked You ?

WhatsApp has revolutionized communication, connecting people worldwide. However, encountering the distressing situation of being blocked by someone can be disheartening. While standard solutions suggest seeking relationship advice or creating a new WhatsApp account, this unconventional method claims to provide an alternative approach to unblock yourself. With that said, let’s explore this unconventional method step-by-step.

Step 1: Delete the Contact

The first step is to remove the contact of the person who has blocked you from your phone’s contact list. This is a necessary preliminary action before proceeding with the method.

Step 2: Download Previous Versions of WhatsApp

Visit the provided link in the description or pinned comment to download a previous version of WhatsApp. Ensure that the chosen version predates the time you were blocked. Keep in mind that older versions of WhatsApp may have an expiration date, limiting functionality to the most recent three updates. Additionally, download WhatsApp Business for this process instead of the regular WhatsApp application.

Click here to download previous versions of WhatsApp

Step 3: Export Chats

Before proceeding further, safeguard your important chats by taking a backup. Navigate to the chat settings and find the option to export chats.

Step 4: Permanently Delete Your WhatsApp Account

Access the account settings and proceed to delete your WhatsApp account permanently. Be aware that this step is irreversible and will remove all your data from the platform.

Step 5: Clear Cache, Data, and Uninstall WhatsApp

After deleting your account, clear the cache and data associated with the WhatsApp application. Following this, uninstall the application from your device entirely.

Step 6: Restart Your Phone and Install Specific WhatsApp Version

Restart your phone to ensure a clean slate. Next, install the specific version of WhatsApp you downloaded earlier.

Click here to download previous versions of WhatsApp

Step 7: Create and Delete WhatsApp Account Again

Create a new WhatsApp account using your phone number and complete the setup process. Once again, delete the newly created account and uninstall the app.

Step 8: Wait for 4-5 Hours

Now, exercise patience and wait for a period of 4-5 hours. The reason for this waiting period is not explicitly mentioned but may be related to WhatsApp’s server synchronization timings.

Step 9: Reinstall WhatsApp Business and Sign Up

After the wait, reinstall the WhatsApp Business app you previously downloaded. Sign up using the same WhatsApp account you had before.

Step 10: Unblock the Person

Instead of re-adding the person’s contact directly, open a link in your browser with the format “ number.” This link will open a chat with the person who previously blocked you, and you should find that they are now unblocked.

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