The Best Android Homescreen Setup | Do Not Hide Android Theme !!!

So welcome to the most beautiful & aesthetic homescreen setup of 2022, and the best thing is this can be applied on any android device, so with that being said, let’s get started.

I’ve used this setup on the base launcher of Oneplus but I’ve attached the same layout backup file of nova launcher, so first you’ve to install all the apps which I mentioned above. Now apply the downloaded wallpaper in a symmetrical manner, after that open nova launcher and import the backup file, it will automatically scan for the backup file from your storage and then the layout will be loaded automatically. Now what you’ve to do is to change the icon pack to rev pro, you’ll find this option in look n feel section of nova settings.

Incase if importing the backup file gets fail, then reboot your phone and try the process again. Once you’re done with the importing process, you’ve to setup the Widgets, so click on the widgets and then browse the HUK KWGT widgets and select the widget you want, also scale it accordingly and if you wanna edit text of the widget you can do that. For editing the text of a widget, click on the widget, then under stack group option edit the text you want and after that save the widget.

So thatsall for now and this is how you can setup this mesmerising homescreen on your device. Link of all the downloadables is given below. Enjoy !!!

Downloading Link :

Wallpaper –

Backup File –

Reev Pro –

HUK Kwgt –

Kwgt Widget Maker –

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