How to Fix ‘Instagram Reels’ Not Showing & ‘Messenger’ Update Not Received ? (100% Working )

Alright guys, so if you’re still living in the old world and using instagram in an old fashioned way, then you’re at the perfect place, as after this article you will be having reels as well as messenger feature on your instagram account. So still after 2 years a lot of people are not having reels feature on their instagram account and creating a fresh new account, losing your followers just for getting reels feature is not worth it, but I’ve got a new solution for this problem by which you’ll get reels as well as messenger update guaranteed on your account, just make sure you watch the full video and you’re following all the steps.

The very first thing you need to do is to change your account to a public account, after that download the specific version of Instagram app from the link given below, and this step is very important as the trick works with this version only, after that uninstall the previous instagram app and install the version you downloaded. 

Now once you’ve installed and logged in into the instagram app, you’ve to take three screenshots, the first will be of instagram home, the second screenshot will be of your instagram profile and third would be for those who don’t have messenger update or for those who have reels option in their account but have reels loading issues.  

After that, go to instagram settings then in help section click on report a problem, then attach all the three screenshots, and write reels option not working/ not showing , also messenger update not received. After that send this report. Now once you’re done with this, you’ve to temporarily deactivate your account. If you don’t know how to temporarily deactivate your instagram account then refer to the video or article whose link is given below in the video’s description. After temporarily deactivating your account, activate it back after 24 hours and trust me your reels option along with messenger will be there. Even the first solution about this worldwide problem was discovered by us only and this new method is more easier and success rate is also 100% 

Instagram Specific Version Download –

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