Get Free Snapchat+ Membership + 9 Another Fresh Snapchat Tricks – 2023

So in this blog you’ll see 9 new Snapchat tricks of 2023. Also you can visit the link directly to get Snapchat+ membership

1.) Now the first trick is to use wide angle lens on Snapchat camera, with the new update you can take your wide angle snaps but only if your phone supports wide angle photography. This works on both cameras ( front as well as back )

2.) Moving forward to the next trick it’s about, using dual camera feature of Snapchat, by this you can take a snap using both of your cameras and it’s pretty amazing. Also you get few layouts to choose from.

3.) So snapchat+ has really changed the snapchat interface and you can set a chat wallpaper on specific friends, and you get various backdrops to choose from. And the best thing is your friend will also see the chat wallpaper even if they don’t have Snapchat + membership.

4.) In the next trick, if you’ll swipe down on Snapchat app, you’ll see various options, where you can see unread chats, your newly added snapchat friends, your friends nearby as well as chats who replied to you.

5.) As we know videos shot by Snapchat camera are pretty unstable, but now we can shoot stable videos on Snapchat by just clicking on the + icon on the camera screen and enabling video stability mode, by this you can shoot smoother video snaps. For now this is rolled out on few android devices but this works on almost all iPhones.

6.) A lot of people prefer potrait mode photography where the focus is only on the subject and the background is having bokeh effect, and yes we can do this by Snapchat camera too, all you’ll need to do is to enable focus mode and click snaps by focusing on the subject.

7.) So Snapchat+ users can set custom notification tone for different friends. And this is pretty useful if you want to distinguish between snaps notifications of your best friends 

8.) Snapchat+ users can change snapchat icon too, also this works on IOS as well, you’ll get multiple options to choose from and with every new update, news designs are added into the icons list.

9.) Well iPhone users can set widget of their best friends on their lockscreen, this only works on ios 16. All you’ll need to do is to customise your lockscreen and add snapchat widget and that’s all.



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